Patch Version
  • Updated data for Patch 1.10.
  • Updated scaling and damage values for Patch 1.09.
  • Patch 1.08 updates (notably Axe weapon class buffs)
  • Made the "Max Requirements" feature on the Weapon Search tool more intuitive to use
  • Added Crossbows and Ballistas
  • Fixed some incorrect Defense and Resistance calculations on the Build Planner when wearing stat-boosting armor or talismans
  • Patch 1.07 updates (updated poise values etc)
  • Patch 1.05 updates
  • Added ability to Save Builds on the Build Planner. Click Save Build and you will be redirected to a link that you can save and share!
  • Updated stat values for balance patch 1.04 changes
  • Added initial version of Armor Search tool
  • Fixed a UI issue with weapons dropdown on mobile (had to remove images for now as a by-product of this)
  • Added initial version of Weapon Search tool
  • Remodeled the site a bit, added About page and consolidated some others
  • Display Critical, Weight
  • Fix behavior where two-hand STR bonus was incorrectly applied to dual-wield weapons
  • Include Shields in selectabe weapons, categories
  • Add Stamina Damage (correctly scaling with upgrade level)
  • Update displayed AR breakdown by damage type, show rounded numbers to match in-game
  • Remember previous upgrade level and affinity selections
  • Show effective STR when two-handing
  • Fixed incorrect Passive Effect scaling calculations
  • Only show Sorcery/Incantation scaling for Seals + Staffs
  • Finished implementing weapon category filtering
  • Implemented Passive Effects (Bleed, Poison, etc)
  • [0.5.1] Fixed incorrect Passive Effect calculations
  • Added stamina damage
  • Implemented Sorcery/Incantation scaling for Staffs + Seals
  • Added ability to filter weapons by category in the AR Calculator (WIP)
  • AR Calculator UI improvements
  • Big styling overhaul, implemented Dark mode
  • Improved AR Calculator UI/UX
  • Condensed input forms on AR Calculator for ease of use
  • Implemented typeahead text search for Weapon on Calculator page
  • Styling updates (reverted to light theme for now due to issues with dark theme)
  • Added Changelog and Acknowledgements, changed route for AR Calculator from /calculatear to /calculator
1.03 Initial Release
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